Incredible Hulk #316-317 (1986)

Banner is separate from Hulk now, so the beast is tearing through the U.S. without any conscience or governor.  And we see he’s actually killed hundreds of people.

Doc Samson, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Namor and Hercules show up to stop him.

Stupidly, or at least kinda unbelievably, The Avengers let Doc Samson go solo against Hulk…

…after they fight about whether to let him.

Great fight scenes!  And that’s really all you want from a Hulk book, anyway.

It has become personal for Samson, and the Avengers seem to be willing to risk more loss of life and property just so Samson can prove himself.

Weird, but OK.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner forms a team of nerds he calls The Hulkbusters. It’s not worth tagging all of them, but two will later become super “heroes” of a sort. Craig Saunders…

…Will become Redeemer. And Sam LaRoquette…

…Will become Rock.

And then he proposes to Betty Ross in the end

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