Marvel Team-Up #30 (1975): Falcon

It’s about time!  Spider-Man was Marvel’s first street-level hero, and in the early ’70s you couldn’t get more street than Falcon.  It’s about time they teamed up!

Sadly, this is not a good comic.

It starts with Spider-Man side character, and African American, Glory Grant being mugged, and Spidey being on hand to rescue her.  One of her assailants is her cousin, and he’s under the influence of some strange drug that affects his eyes.

You have to love how drugs are treated in 1970s comics.  Anyway, the kid was the victim of a bad dude named Midas who sprayed him with the drugs, and Falcon and Spidey track him down and save the day.  Turns out, Midas the sprayer was the son of a rich liberal with daddy issues who felt neglected by his father.  In the last panel, Spider-Man reassures the father that paying attention to his kid wouldn’t have made a difference.

Hm.  If anyone would know about not getting enough attention from dad, it would be Spider-Man, amirite?

My real objections to this book are that Gerry Conway doesn’t seem to know how Spider-Man works. First, he gets jumped by some thugs with tire irons.

He’s got spider sense. This simply should not have happened.

Second, he and Falcon get nailed to the floor.

He’s got spider-strength. Surely he’s tough enough to pull the screws out of the wood floorboards.

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