Blade #1-3 (1994)

Blade gets his own comic. Of course, the early issues have a lot of set up. Marvel was clearly planning for a long run.

The book is cancelled with issue #10.

But for now, we meet Bible John…

…A clairvoyant mental patient and occultist who is predicting the return of Dracula, as advertised on the cover to issue #1 (above).

We also meet Aaron Thorne, a vampire and leader of a cult called The Bad Seed who are trying to resurrect Varnae. Remember Varnae? The undead creature who predates vampires but is pretty much a vampire himself? The Nightstalkers killed him in the final issues of that comic–which was cancelled and replaced by this one. Thorne is also a special kind of drug dealer…

Blade destroys Thorne’s drug operation, but at the same time Dracula returns. He, rather than Varnae, is the vampire who gets summoned back to life. Blade fights Thorne. Blade fights Drac. Thorne fights Drac.

But where these issues end is with the threats of Thorne and Dracula still around and Blade needing to deal with them.

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