FANTASTIC FOUR #143-144 (1974): I Can Beat That Doom in Two Issues

Dr. Doom is usually badass, but  in this two-parter he’s kind of an idiot. 

Even if he thinks the real idiots are everyone but him. He’s portrayed as a goofball in this story.

Or at least a silly madman.

The team is broken up, so Doom picks them off, one-by-one, and holds them prisoner.  But first, Johnny is riled up at a public event, causes a disturbance, and spends a night in jail.

Here’s the crime:

This makes him easier for Doom to capture, of course.

Each member falls.


Plus: Ridiculous cell phone.

It sucks that Doom is being debased like this.  Also, Darkoth learns that he’s not a death demon after all–he’s an old friend of Ben Grimm from Yancy Street who was kidnapped and mutated by Doom.

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