Amazing Spider-Man #39/480 (2002): Nuff Said

So far, JMS has jammed tons of plot and story development into each issue, so this one–which ties to the ‘Nuff Said event (where series release a book with little to no words)–is a nice pause.

We see Mary Jane thinking of Peter Parker, after having broken up with him for lying about his Spider-Man activities. She seems to miss him. It’s an important point for JMS to make, since the way she initiated their break up seemed pretty quick and cold–and we haven’t really gotten to see her point of view yet.

We also see Aunt Man reading old articles about Spider-Man, finding new perspective now that she knows the hero is her nephew. It leads her to send an email…

She then sends a longer one to Oprah, Letterman, Larry King and others asking them to do stories on how Spider-Man is a “decent, loving, occasionally vegetarian person.”

And fights porn.


All of this is accomplished with almost no words because JR Jr. is a master.


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