Last issue, Luke Cage joined the team after being asked to spy on them by Master of the World. We all knew–or should have known–that MotW was using one of Controller’s devices, so the “Fist vs Cage” fight promised on the cover is subject to that most common of “who would beat who?” caveats, “Yeah, but he was mind controlled.”

Well, I guess there’s a little twist: It’s Iron Fist, not Luke, who is controlled.

Meanwhile, more of Master’s gang attack the U.S.S. Intrepid (a real-life battleship permanently docked in New York City’s harbor to serve as a military museum), so we get a big ol’ fight. Here’s Danny vs Shockwave…

There’s nothing particularly bad or good here, but for the “cliffhanger” ending where Sersi shows up and asks Black Knight for help handling a Celestials issue.

Black Knight. Sersi. Celestials. Next couple issues probably won’t be that good.

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