THOR #53-55/555-557 (2002)

It’s a truism that new leaders have 100 days to introduce themselves in a meaningful way.  Presidents, CEOs, and the like are all held to this standard.  I love that this story, titled “100 Days,” does that to new King Thor.

Zarrko has been popping back and forth from his future timeline to this one, consistently undermining Thor for many issues now.  As we see Thor’s global campaign to establish the new role of the Gods of Asgard (which include preventing deforestation and lifting up the poor), Zarrko continues his back-door politicking (disguised as a Federal agent) and arms Perrikus with the bloodaxe. 

Thor takes back the weapon (and cuts off Perrikus’ arm), forces him to betray his partner, and captures Zarrko.

Meanwhile, some Earth people are losing faith in Thor and his army of altruistic Asgardians, while others are joining what Thor calls the Church of Asgard.

Simultaneously, he addresses the U.N. and portrays himself as an anti-establishment ruler.

The naïve Crusher Creel—Thor’s sworn enemy—is convinced by Thor’s “every man” style of leadership.

This run continues to grow on me with its increasing levels of depth and complexity.  Introducing religion as a tool of a ruling King is brilliant.

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