DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN (#227-233) (1986): 1st Nuke

Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s former secretary and lover, knows his secret identity and is strung out and doing porn. So she sells Murdock’s secret to Kingpin.

Mazzuchelli’s art is amazing. Even better at putting pictures to Frank Miller’s words than Miller’s own art.

There’s even a water tower.

Kingpin then goes about destroying Matt’s life–ruining his personal life, getting him in trouble with the IRS, taking his bar license, and bringing a literal war Hell’s Kitchen.

Frank Miller was asked to return to Daredevil when Denny O’Neil quit the series, and he proceeded to, quite literally, blow it up.

Homeless and paranoid, Murdock finds out Kingpin is behind it (partly because of his friend, reporter Ben Urich) and goes after him.


That’s when Kingpin recruits mercenary and mentally ill veteran Nuke (a new character), who is strung out on red-white-and-blue pills, to fight Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen.

Nuke beats up Cap.

Then Daredevil takes Nuke down, and puts a beating on him.

Some of The Avengers stop him. Look how awesome Mazzuchelli’s Iron Man is. And to Marvel’s credit, they didn’t put the heroes on the cover. They let Miller’s return sell the book on its own.

Simply one of the greatest comic book stories of all time. Certainly the best Daredevil story of all time (top 20 here).  And Frank Miller’s best. The one they should have made the movie about. But tons (tons) has been written about it, so ’nuff said.

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