GENERATION X #57 (1999)

This is a big double-sized issue spotlighting the Generation X Academy’s formal dance, and Emplate is stalking them.

There’s a lot of dating stuff: Emma Frost apparently has a thing for Iceman, and Banshee says he doesn’t have a thing for Emma but actually seems to. Jubilee has a thing for Synch who is crushing on Monet. Yet Synch agrees to take Jubilee to the prom as a mercy date.

Synch–and everyone else–is too afraid to ask Monet because she’s smoking hot and intimidating.

Nobody wants to date Skin, but he ends up with Monet.

Husk dates a non-mutant student.


It makes for a pretty fun read all around.

During the big Empath battle, the St. Croix twins are freed from being in the body of Penance as the result of an explosion.

But at the end of the issue, we see that the Penance body is still alive–and it runs away from the Academy.

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