DAREDEVIL #353-357 (1996): Kesel/Nord run begins

Two kids try to kill themselves with a handgrenade and Daredevil stops them…

…making a Batman The Movie reference along the way.

Then there’s a Mr. Hyde fight. DD finds him on a rooftop with a dead body, and assumes Hyde killed the woman.

And also it’s clear that this run will feature the joking/swashbuckling kind of Daredevil. DD beats him.

Then there’s a Spider-Man team-up. With Ben Reilly. You all know how I feel about him.

During these adventures, Matt Murdock returns and tells Foggy that he had been in hiding from Kingpin but now everything’s safe so he’s back. Karen Page returns, too. We see that this new creative team will reintroduce the Foggy-as-reluctant-partner dynamic. The two are then recruited by a big law firm to defend Hyde, who was in fact framed for murder.

Lois Lane covers the trial.

Hyde is not the easiest client.

Wow. both a Batman and a Superman reference in one story!

I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be a good run!

It turns out that Hyde didn’t kill the woman. But she was killed at his warehouse, and when Daredevil investigates he finds Pyro.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing were hired to investigate the warehouse as well.

It turns out, The Enforcers were behind this whole thing. I know, they’re hardly big name baddies, but they have a long history with DD so it feels right to have them be involved. Daredevil beats them all up and Matt exonerates Mister Hyde.

The cliffhanger is that Karen Page has a new job…And she’s working for Kingpin’s radio station!

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