WOLVERINE #150-153 (2000): Blood Debt

Being a writer and artist at Marvel isn’t easy. Few have been able to be truly great in both capacities: Frank Miller. John Byrne. Enter Steve Skroce.

Yes, Steve Skroce. The guy who storyboarded a little known movie called The Matrix.


“Blood Debt” is one of those Wolverine stories that lots of people remember fondly. Largely because of the mayhem.

In “Blood Debt,” Logan returns to Japan, and the full supporting cast from that area.

Yukio and Logan’s adopted daughter, Amiko, are kidnapped by the Kaishek clan–but only after we see that Amiko has grown up to be a badass.

The clan forces Wolverine to work for them to save the women. Note the lettering font in the panel above–a call back to the logo for Claremont and Miller’s character-defining Wolverine miniseries. Nice touch.

While he is slicing and dicing Yakuza, Amiko and Yukio get free and all three characters get in on the action.

Of course all is well in the end. This isn’t an “important” story. But it is awesome.

Oh, and speaking of the Matrix, look who Skroce thanks on the final page…

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