VENOM: THE MADNESS #1-3 (1993-1994)

Venom’s third #1 issue in a year.   And it’s about Venom being literally insane.  And it is written by Ann Nocenti.

He fights Juggernaut.

It’s awesome.

He also gets lots of heads.

Remember when Spider-Man would get a cold and it would affect his powers? Well, in this story, Juggernaut punches Venom through the street, Venom lands in the sewer, and catches a bizarre sentient virus that makes him crazy.


Venom was actually investigating the virus on behalf of an activist lawyer.

Their relationship is not platonic.

He goes nuts, has a bunch more fights with Juggernaut (who was also hired to obtain the virus), and does some really, really bad stuff to the lawer.

In the end, she forgives him.

And it’s almost a happy ending…

I love Ann Nocenti. She’s so damn edgy and weird. This was a really fun minseries. There was even an action figure!

And….He’ll be back in 30 days with another miniseries, The Enemy Within.

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    • Yes indeed I will–I’m still working my way through 1995. Those happened in ’96. We’re probably at least half a year away from me getting there.


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