AVENGERS #242 (1984)

I love 1980s covers in Marvel. They really told the story and teased you into wanting to read it. Covers today are usually just portraits and poses.

In this issue, the team throws a party to honor Hawkeye and Mockingbird’s wedding in the Hawkeye miniseries.  I love these quiet stories, especially when they’re written by Roger Stern.

Cap is patronizing.

Hawkeye responds sarcastically.

Thor is appropriately celebratory.

Thor also drinks. A lot.  

There’s some appropriately romantic interludes.

Wasp wrestles with the bureaucracy that the team is supposed to be limited to six members.  Vision tells her to ignore that rule because danger is coming and they’ll need an expanded roster.  Vision is still tied into the supercomputer on Thanos’ home planet of Titan, and the power is gradually going to his head.  It’s a very slow build to a great Vision story.

In the end, Cap and Thor rejoin the team.  And then they all get hijacked into the Secret Wars. 

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