Upon arriving home to their own future timeline, the Guardians realize that Yellow Jacket stowed away.

So she’s now in the future and joins the team. This makes the ladies want to vogue pose.

And that wasn’t the only thing they brought forward with them. Our Dormammu moved, too, and merges with future Dormammu to become a being of immense power.

Then, it’s time for future Doctor Strange to take on merged Dormammu.

Nice to see that centuries later, Dormammu is still rocking the purple garb.

He’s fashion forward, I guess. Now then, he was about to fight Doctor Strange…

Sorry. I mean future Ancient One.

He kills Strange.


The team fights him a while.

And then dump him out into space.

And in the end, the new sorcerer supreme of the future gives Talon a present.

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