SPIDER-WOMAN #7-8 (2000)

Jessica Drew takes Mattie to Death Valley to practice using her powers.

While out there, they fight an alien monster named Cluster.

At the end of the issue, evil Spider-Woman escapes captivity and Madame Web is all old again.

The comic says it’s continued in Amazing Spider-Man #14, but it really isn’t.

1 thought on “SPIDER-WOMAN #7-8 (2000)”

  1. I don’t know what that little gizmo around Mattie’s wrist is supposed to be, but if she doesn’t find a way to better secure it to her person, it’s just gonna get smashed to bits in the course of her travels, gyrations, and most especially, combat with evildoers! As a serious “OCD” case myself, this type of things bugs the shit out of me. Back in the 1970’s, when Ross Andru had the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ assignment, he always had Parker’s camera swinging around behind him over the streets of New York City on an EXTREMELY impractically long leather strap, and yet, somehow, the super-expensive, high-quality camera just never got smashed and/or otherwise damaged as a result of being constantly yanked behind Spidey in the course of all that high-activity web-swinging. See ‘Giant-Size Spider-Man’#5 where Spidey spends an entire giant-sized issue battling the Lizard while that camera just swings all OVER the damn place behind him, and yet- it NEVER gets DAMAGED!!!! One of the Great Unsolved Physical Mysteries of the Marvel Universe, I guess!


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