THUNDERSTRIKE #13-14 (1994)

Luke Cage shows up to help Thunderstrike defeat Bison. Who? He’s just a guy who attacks a SHIELD convoy in New York. Luke Cage knew Bison as a civilian, so he wants to stop SHIELD from hurting him.

Apparently, Luke is riding motorcycles and doing flying kicks now.

Bison is working with Quicksand and Mongoose because, why not?

It’s not entirely clear to me what they want from SHIELD, why it matters, and whether this is just an old script for Cage’s solo book that never got used so they adapted it for this comic.

Bison’s origin is that he was a basketball player who got hurt and then Seth the Immortal gave him powers.

I’m not writing about the back-up feature starring Code Blue because a man can only be expected to read so much Tom DeFalco before losing his mind.

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