IMG_0025The sixth JLA/JSA team up is wild.  Professor T.O. Morrow creates a second Red Tornado, who thinks he si the only Red Tornado, and we get to see what the first RT looked like…

Yes, it was a female robot named Ma Hunkle.  Crazy 1960s comics, man.

This crossover was also a creative crossover: Gardner Fox left the JLA after writing 65 issues, and Denny O’Neil took over.  Denny would go on to be a legendary writer of Batman, but this is early O’Neil, so I’m really interested to see what his writing was like fifty plus years ago.

Also, artist Mike Sekowsky had departed a few issues earlier.  Dick Dillin became the permanent artist, and he stuck with the title for a whopping 22 years (all the way to issue #183)!  That’s got to be a new record!

Also, fun little fact: 1ith #66, the logo reverted back to its original one with the stars and the shield-like border.


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  1. Ma Hunkel was not a robot, just a large, loud woman. She was a supporting character in the ‘Scribbly’ strip in the 1940’s. Her costume was one of the inspirations for ‘Forbush-Man’. She did appear in a couple of panels of a Justice Society tale — the JSA was chasing some crook into her neighborhood and came upon her wailing on some minions with her frying pan.


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