X-FORCE #120 (2001)


I’m pretty sure this was the first time a comic made the cover the first panel of the story.

At Doop’s request, Wolverine investigates X-Force at a time when one member, U-Go-Girl, has been hired their manager, Coach, to kill their their leader, Orphan.

Wolverine of course arrives just in time to figure the whole thing out, and Coach dies during Logan’s intervention.

Wolverine doesn’t kill him–he’s accidentally shot with his own gun.

This is another great issue of the best new series of 2001 (that isn’t actually a new series). It establishes the unintelligible green blob called Doop as the mastermind behind the team.

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    • Really? I don’t remember them making their covers the first panels of their comic story. I’ll have to go back and check. Not that I don’t trust you….


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