X-FORCE ANNUAL 1999 (1999)

This is a fairly simple story, but a solid, self-contained story about a couple mutants we don’t hear about anywhere else–perfect use of an annual.

Rictor and Shatterstar are hired by a company that is making its own version of a super soldier serum to fight their test subjects. They get fancy digs.

But of course the company is evil.

Eventually, other X-Force members arrive to help take the company down.

At the end, when the mutates are mostly destroyed and the company base is blown up, the editors ask readers to write in if they want to see more of Rictor, Shatterstar and “Neurotap.” Neurotap debuts in this annual and is never seen again so…I’m assuming nobody wrote in.

I’d forgotten that Shatterstar and Rictor had teamed up and were roaming the world taking down illegal gun manufacturers. I like them as characters, and their power sets are pretty different so they make a fun team.

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