AVENGERS #24-25/439-440 (2000)

This is a sequel to the Eighth Day event (issue #25 is titled, “The Ninth Day”). It has The Exemplars fighting Juggernaut outside of Avengers’ Mansion–and kidnapping him, with intent to kill him in a ritualistic sacrifice that will start a mysical war. Or something like that.

The whole “let’s make Juggernaut a mystical dude” storyline is not doing it for me.

marvel the exemplars

The fights are decent though–especially the first one. People are protesting The Avengers’ lack of diversity, while others say that having mutants on the team is too much diversity, when the Exemplars attack.

The team has to get the protesters to safety, but of course nobody is grateful.

Captain America appeals to the humans that are possessed by the Exemplars.

avengers 440

No matter how new and different and cool a writer is, Cap still seems to wind the day by making speeches. 

The protesting is actually pretty interesting. In this sequence, Quicksilver tells them off…

Here’s how Scarlet Witch sums it up:

Captain America quits–saying he can’t lead a team that is being targeted by the media.

A few other plotlines: Vision is missing, and Wonder Man turns to Jim Hammond for help finding him.

Wanda warns her brother that his recent decision to help Magneto rule Genosha is probably a big mistake–seeing as how they all used to be Evil Mutants together.

Reservist Justice gets a new costume…

And Pietro is a dick about it.

These are George Perez’s last issues. Stuart Immonen is next.

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