Maxam is now with the team…But who is he? Not even Maxam himself–afflicted with memory loss–seems to know.

As Warlock and Moondragon to restore Maxam’s memories, they find Maxam’s mind has been protected from psychic investigation.

As they navigate Maxam’s mind, the Avengers are also subjected to mind control–by an evil senator, who sends them to Monster Island to evict Warlock’s team.

The battle is pretty good. I wish the art were better. And I wish Hercules looked like Hercules.

Instead of a traveling steroid salesman.

After they fight and then shake off Senator Munson’s spell, the heroes all team up, go the U.N., and Warlock announces his protection of Mole Man’s declaration of Monster Island’s sovereignty.

Oh, and Munson was really Man-Beast all along.

At the end of the story, they still don’t know what Maxam’s deal is, and Count Abyss’ soldier Maya appears and says she is Warlock’s “friend.”

I’d wager she’s lying.

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