I have to say: I started reading this with the attitude of “just get through it” but halfway through the first issue I was hooked.  This is a good story.

Working as an assassin-for-hire, Sabretooth stumbles upon an army of assassins who are targeting a woman named Bonnie.  Sabretooth saves her from the attempt on her life—but not because he’s noble.  He literally just accidentally interfered with the soldiers’ business, and then they shot him.  He was drawn to the soldiers because they smell like death, and they shot him.  So he naturally decided to fight them.

Sabretooth grabs the woman and takes her to a hiding place, where she denies knowledge of why she was being targeted—and then sleeps with him.

After another attack, Creed goes on the offensive and tracks down the soldiers.  He captures and tortures one who finally tells Creed the reason Bonnie is being targeted: She is carrying a plague that will become contagious in the next 16 hours unless she is killed, and the virus is expected to kill millions of people.

The final two issues are mostly Sabretooth killing dozens of soldiers before finally realizing that what they’ve said is true and Bonnie has to die.  After killing the last of the soldiers, we see what happened by flashback…

Very effective storytelling here.  I generally find Sabretooth to be very much a “one note” character, but this miniseries is very good.

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