AVENGERS #7/422; CAPTAIN AMERICA #8; IRON MAN #7; QUICKSILVER #10 (1998) Live Kree or Die; Warbird quits

Three of the major 1998 reboots plus Quicksilver get their first crossover story. It begins in Iron Man #7, which, surprisingly, shows Tony Stark trying to help Carol Danvers recover from the drinking problem she developed after Rogue permanently absorbed all her powers.

Danvers has powers again and goes by Warbird, but she’s still drinking too much.

During a battle with some Kree soldiers (including Galen Kor), her recklessness becomes apparent as she puts some human hostages in danger and gets captured.

It’s all very well done. I love how Cap’s face is in shadow–grim–so you can’t see how he’s judging Danvers’ behavior.

By the way, the Kree have a weapon that turns humans into Kree and these soldiers–dubbed the Lunatic Legion–have a plot to transform humanity. And it runs on stolen Terrigen Mists. So that’s why Quicksilver and Lockjaw get involved.

Quicksilver is injured in the fight.

After the team rescues her, they have to immediately deal with a bigger threat by these renegade Kree, which they do but, again, Warbird is sloppy during the fight and nearly gets them killed–and the Kree get away.


And so it’s court martial time. Like any good alcoholic, she plays the victim card and blames the Avengers for the problems she caused.

The bad Kree re-emerge during the trial and instead of bringing Warbird, Cap calls Firestar and Justice (who are Avengers in Reserve Status) to help them save the day.

Before finishing the court martial, Danvers quits.

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