DEADPOOL #3-5 (1997)

Time for a multi-issue arc.

Deadpool’s healing factor is not working the way it used to. The way it’s shown is funny–T-Ray at Hellhouse bets Deadpool he can’t regrow a finger. Guess which finger?

Of course.

Deadpool reconnects with Siryn (romance!) and goes to talk to Doctor Killebrew, the guy who put Deadpool through the Weapon X program.

Killebrew says Deadpool needs a super-blood transfusion. Who has super blood?

By the way, it’s important to note that Deadpool is frequently triggered by various things–like seeing Doctor Killebrew again–which adds a gritty darkness to his constantly horny/cartoonishly violent personality. There’s a complexity here that we don’t often get in Marvel comics.

Yes, I said Deadpool is psychologically complex.

The infusion works, and Deadpool is cured–so he decides it’s time to kill Killebrew, but Siryn stops him.

IMG_9479 (1)

And at the end of the issue, they’re friends with a possibility of love in the future.


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