Spider-Woman #1-4 (1993-1994)

I’m not sure how many people were (or are) aware of Julia Carpenter’s origin story, so I’m not sure it matters that this miniseries retconned it.  But it’s a decent read—especially considering who wrote it.

At the end of this, the state of Spider-Woman is that she was the product of a government attempt to create their own spider-based hero, after her parents sold a unique spider that they found in the Amazon.  These facts emerge in the miniseries, and her parents learn her secret-super-identity.

She also gets a new “psi-web” power.  I don’t recall seeing it before—and I’m not sure it stays with the character.  I guess we’ll find out together, since I am reading many of these 1990s books for the first time as I write these recaps.

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