Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu #1-6 (2002)

This was a MAX title by what is probably the best creative team ever to work on Shang Chi:Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy.

It pits Chi against the heretofore unknown other son of Fu Manchu, a character named Moving Shadow.  Shadow was raised to replace the Shang Chi, who his father saw as a failure when Chi refused to help do evil deeds for him.  (Don’t bother looking for a  tag for Moving Shadow at the bottom of this post—he dies at the end of this story.)

When this tale starts, we all believe that Fu Manchu is still dead, but of course he’s not.  We learn this slowly over the course of six plot-twisty issues that harken back to the glory days of Master of Kung Fu, and bring back beloved supporting characters like Black Jack Tarr, Leiko Wu, and some of Chi’s old team-mates in MI-6. 

Side note: Shang Chi finally lectures Tarr that the term, “Chinaman” is racist.

Ultimately, Chi and Shadow have their final battle.  Shang Chi wins.

…And Fu Manchu kills Shadow for his failure.  (Question: Why didn’t he just throw the knife and Chi, who has been foiling his plans for decades?!?)

Shang Chi and his team escape Fu Manchu’s base, which crumbles around him and so we are again led to believe that he is dead.

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