GENERATION X #33-40 (1997-1998)

The main story has Emplate meeting Chimera…

They team up and come after the three Croix girls (the twins were calling themselves Monet and Monet who is calling herself Penance).

But we learn that Emplate is also a St. Croix sibling when he merges with the twins into a single being.

The merged character is called M-Plate.

It’s getting harder and harder to tag these St. Croix characters!

M-Plate flees to another dimension, and the team tracks her down, learning about a “Universal Amalgamator” and an evil plot to “Amalgamate the universe,” an obvious reference to the DC/Marvel crossover books being published around this time.

I really like this comic but we’re getting into territory that was often explored by Excalibur, and it’s just not that interesting. There’s cosmic trains and dinosaurs and…

Emma Frost’s old rival, Bianca Laniege, shows up and gets seven dwarves as her personal army. And a spaceship. And she’s heading for Earth.

It’s weird for weirdness’ sake. And it goes on way too long.

Eventually, the truth about the St. Croix kids comes out and we learn that Monet became Penance after Emplate got mad at her and transformed her into the mute being in an attempt to get her to atone for having hurt Emplate’s feelings.

She was pretty mean.

The twins then defended their sister by sending Emplate to another dimension but, when Penance followed him there, the twins “became” Monet to cover up her absence from their parents and avoid getting in trouble.

In the end, Monet gets her own body back but the twins then become a new version of Penance.

There’s a fun subplot in these issues where the Gen X school is robbed by some locals (they take Page’s journal), and their attempts to fence goods taken from the kids–and hide their crime–is woven throughout the main story.

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