Someone is blowing up writers and when Spider-Man saves one from a burning building he sees that one of the names on the list of targets is Peter Parker.

A black-and-white version of the above splash page:

I kinda like it more without the color.

Anyway, it turns out everyone on the target list was present at the accident that created Doctor Octopus.

The killer, as it turns out, is Spider-Man’s first transsexual villain: Lab assistant Christina Carr who has gained the ability to transform into a male with super-powers, under which guise she calls herself Captain Power.

As the lab assistant during the accident, she was severely disfigured and wants to kill all the survivors who weren’t hurt as bad as she was.

Spider-Man. defeats her by electrocuting her, causing her to revert back into her dying, mutilated self.

There was a lot of potential here. Interesting idea, but the execution feels rather workmanlike and uninspired.

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  1. This is the only time Chapter One continuity tried to get into the main Spidey books, some costumes aside, so I think these issues are pretty strictly non canon or at least only take place in the Chapter One universe.


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