X-MEN #28 (1967): 1st Banshee


Werner Roth wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t anyone’s favorite either.  He did a really good job with Banshee, though, who first appeared in issue #28 as a villain (but by the end of the issue he was a hero)

That look, above, where he almost is a ghost, was abandoned later–but I really like it.

This is kind of a well-known panel…

…for being terrible. Anyway, the issue starts with Jean at college…

…if they’re trying to create a set of side characters around her, Ted is not the way to go.

Then it’s back to the mansion where…

…She doesn’t appear to know what a pliers is. Or, alternatively, Beast really needs a screwdriver and he doesn’t know what a pliers is. That seems more likely, since he thanks her when she gives him a tool he didn’t ask for.

Banshee also has a partner named Ogre.

He later puts Banshee in a clear container.

Don’t worry, Ogre doesn’t matter. Or at least, he won’t matter for 30 years until he joins the Thunderbolts(!). For now, he’s part of Factor 3–a set of villains that doesn’t matter now and never will matter.

Despite the fact that these issues were very poor quality, an early fan was future artist Carlos Pacheco.  Cool!


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