Marvel Comics Presents #79 (1991): Sunspot and Doctor Strange

Sunspot is back home in Brazil for a short, 8-page story, where some young toughs do a home invasion at a time when he hasn’t absorbed enough sunlight to activate his mutant powers—so they are able to beat him up.

Then they call him names for being a mutant, which makes him mad, and his rage triggers his powers.

I’m crediting this as a forgotten power set.  Sunspot’s powers are solar-based.  There is no indication anywhere else that he can provoke his powers in the same way that Hulk can.

Issue #79 also has a single-issue Dr. Strange story, by Robert Campanella and Mark McKenna.  It’s a bit meta, with Strange debating journalist Sarah Wolfe about whether violent movies cause violent behavior—the same arguments are often made about comic books, but the whole thing turns out to be a dream-attack by Nightmare.

Nightmare on Elm Street, that is!


Cool gimmick, mediocre execution.

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