X-FACTOR #92 (1993)

This is part one of the “Fatal Attractions” storyline that runs through several different series–just to force people to buy stuff they might not otherwise purchase.

The return of the sentinels is not the big news here.  Nor is the fact that Agent Valerie Cooper, X-Factor’s government handler, already knew about it.  She only knew about it because she was possessed, and the spell is broken by the end of this issue, which also features a big battle against the Acolytes.

Have you ever heard of Random? What about Senyaka? No? Well here they are fighting.

There’s just too many characters in these X-books to care about any of them. But this is cool: Madrox takes one out by duping inside him…

They wanted the son of Magus, Quicksilver, to lead them, which X-Factor figures out during post-combat interrogation.

Quicksilver says no.  And then shames Valerie Cooper for selling him out, even though she was under a thrall.

This book doesn’t suck, but it’s rapidly gone down in quality since Peter David left a few issues ago.

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