AVENGERS #40 (1967)

Captain America, who is currently pretending to be loyal to Red Skull so the evil dude doesn’t blow up Manhattan, makes a quick call to Avengers HQ to let them know that the Cosmic Cube is still underwater. 

This is all just an elaborate way to get the team to fight Sub Mariner.

In the battle, we get a nice close up of Wasp’s stinger.  I hadn’t realized it required actual physical contact—I thought that, even back in the 1960s, it actually shot—not just poked.
We also see that Hercules is an oaf—he tips Sub Mariner off to the location of the Cube, in his joy of battle.  Once he knows about it, Namor goes and grabs it, which leads to what must be the quickest Cosmic Cube battle in history.

It takes the team almost zero effort to knock it away from Sub-Mariner.

Also, Namor does the Doctor Strangelove thing.

The ending of this story is pretty great.

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