ILLUMINATOR #1-3 (1993)

OK. Let’s not spend a lot of time on this. Andy Prentiss, a kid, is tricked into going on a snipe hunt, finds a glow in the woods, and it gives him the power of God.

Yes, Illuminator was a Christian hero. And his power levels increased with faith.

Marvel has at least a half dozen versions of the devil (Satannish, Mephisto, Satan, the Devil, etc.). It’s even hinted at a canonical Santa Claus. But never God himself.

Issue #1 references the X-Men, so we’re clearly in canon now.

And perhaps worst of all, the title of issue #1 was “Genesis.”

Illuminator lasted 3 issues and was never seen again. A fourth issue was solicited, but the book was cancelled prior to printing.

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