HEROES FOR HIRE #5-9 (1997-1998): Broken Bonds

I’m not a fan of Black Knight or of the Celestials or of the Eternals, so a story involving all of them at once isn’t much interest to me.

At at least Ant-Man joins in.

And so do the Thunderbolts…

But then again, The Eternals’ Thena joins the H4H, so…Not a fan of that development. They also go to Wundagore to learn about White Tiger.

On another note, they hire She-Hulk as their lawyer and have a run-in with Punisher. The smaller stories, like with Punisher, are much better than the sprawling epic that moves across these issues and actually continues forward into the next ones.

Aside from the “big” (and unsurprising) story, there are some nice character moments, and, let’s face it, any comic written by John Ostrander can’t be all bad.

The new White Tiger seems to think turning into a powerful cat-beast is something that makes her less than human, but Danny puts her at ease during a training session…

Luke Cage catches Jim Hammond talking to a soda machine, which made me think of Luke’s old battles with the soda machine at the old Gem Theater (see the tag below, “Power Man vs Soda Machine)…

So I’m guessing the former Human Torch will be showing some kind of techno power soon. Luke dismisses it at Hammond just talking to himself.

We also learn that Cage is in fact voluntarily spying on his pals for Master of the World, seemingly not knowing that MotW is a villain.

And of course there’s lots of good kung fu. I do like how Iron Fist holds on to the bar separating the wide panel at the bottom from the panels above it.

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