Superman vs. Spider-Man was good, so why not try again?

And this time, it’s even better.

It also makes more sense–because the Marvel villain is Shaper of Worlds, who could easily create a fantasy land where Hulk and Batman would meet and take on some of their greatest foes.

The story doesn’t waste time explaining what’s going on. Hulk appears at the scene of a Joker crime, and Joker just knows who he is.

Good. I’m not here for the story. I’m here for the big showdown. And it happens quickly this time (whereas when Superman met Spider-Man, there was a ton of build-up and the two barely fought).

And in this story, they fight once and then they fight again later. Because it’s Hulk, and he’s easy to provoke.

Do you really care about the story? I don’t. But it was fine for what it was–a vehicle to have the two title characters meet.

I love this comic.

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