Avengers West Coast #47-49 (1989)

Scarlet Witch asks Hank Pym and Black Panther to restore Vision to his prior, humanlike self and restore his memories that he loves Wanda.

They say no.  On top of that Wonder Man refuses to donate his “self” to Vision again (as he had before), and instead tells Wanda he’s in love with her—so why would he try to restore Vision as his competitor.


So, she and Vision, who appears to also want to be restored, steal a Quinjet and go off to find Professor Horton (creator of original, android Human Torch—which is what Vision’s body is patterned after).

Horton, however, is being held (unbeknownst to all) by a secret group called Absolon who want to kidnap Scarlet Witch and use her powers to advance mutations across the world.

They capture Wanda and put her in a tube.

Yeah, it all gets pretty complicated.  Captain America and She-Hulk also get involved, along with Great Lakes Avengers, and a villainous, possessive ooze called “That Which Endures.”  It takes over various heroes so we can have some hero-on-hero fighting.

By the end, Vision and Human Torch meet for the first time.


But he’s still not human enough for Wanda.


Also, we see that Starfox and Nebula are being set up for future storyline involvement.

Annnnnnnnnnddddddddd….USAgent slaps Tigra around when she starts acting “catty.”

And percolating storylines about Immortus, the Great Lakes Avengers, and Nebula and Starfox.

Byrne’s art is really good, and the adventure is fun—even if a lot of it doesn’t make much sense.

Note: Here, the book changes it’s name to “Avengers West Coast” so that, alphabetically, it would appear on the stands next to the Avengers book.

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