With all the truly sh#t Spider-Man comics in 1995–and the clone saga–we get a gem: Untold Spider-Man. Did it make it worth wading through the rivers of crap alongside it? Probably not. But it is a great comic.

“Untold” is exactly what it says it is: Out-of-continuity stories that fill in spaces between issues or panels of the main Spider-Man comics.

The first issue introduces Scorcher and his Strike Squad–a flame-throwing villain who likes to burn stuff.

He’s a one-off criminal, but he’ll be back.

It also reintroduces us to the classic, 1960s Daily Bugle lineup. And Captain Stacy.

No, there’s nothing important here. It’s just good old, fun storytelling that reminds us–in 1995–that Marvel used to make consistently great comics.

And each issue was only a buck!

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