Silver Surfer #16-17 (1970)

Mephisto decides that his grudge against Norrin Radd is too great and he can’t sleep at night, so they fight.  For two issues.

Remember how a trenchcoat makes Earthlings incapable of telling that a guy with silver skin isn’t just your average Joe?  Well, it works for a guy with red skin, too, as Mephisto goes undercover to find Surfer.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury recruits Reed Richards and Tony Stark to create anti-Silver Surfer weapons.

Mephisto infiltrates SHIELD by possessing and agent and tricks them to go to war with Surfer.

And it looks like a future artist extraordinaire has a letter!  Geof Darrow!  And he even won a no-prize!

Creators: Stan and John Buscema

Grade: D

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