Marvel Team-Up #92 (1980): Hawkeye

You know how nearly every issue of MTU starts with Spider-Man fighting a hero because something is happening and they seem unable to exchange a few words before exchanging fists?

Well, this time there’s a good reason: Hawkeye is under the thrall of the newest Mister Fear–and Spidey has to to hit him to shake him out of it.

He knocks him out cold and breaks his bow, even.

This new version of Mr. Fear is the nephew of the last one.

When Hawkeye comes to, he tells Spidey that he’s not the only hero with tracers!

Hawkeye at this point is working as the head of security at Cross Technological Enterprises, and out of the goodness of his heart, Spider-Man teams up with Hawkeye to help recover some property stolen by Fear.

Other than the fact that it’s strange that these two guys take an entire issue to take down a guy who couldn’t beat Daredevil, it’s a decent issue.

Hawkeye displays a new flight power.

The issue ends with Mr. Fear in custody.

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