AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #213-215 (1981)

Spider-Man and Namor team up to fight a new iteration of the ever-changing Frightful Four.  This time, it includes an Atlantean: Llyra, the woman who tried to depose Sub-Mariner as King of Atlantis and murdered his bride, Lady Dorma.

There are many, many reasons to like this.  One, is Namor literally punching the sand out of Sandman.

Another, is Romita’s wonderful art.  I love the punch/kick Spider-Man uses on Wizard in the panel above, and I absolutely adore the covers to these issues.

I don’t know if it was his idea, on the cover at the top of this panel, to black-out Llemura as the mystery guest, but if it wasn’t, whoever thought of it was a smart cookie.  Most people have no idea who she is, so putting her on the cover doesn’t sell issues.  But putting a mystery character immediately makes you want to buy it and find out who she is.

Also, she looks vaguely like she could be Scarlet Witch, so that might also make people interested.

Llyra has shapeshifting powers, and pretends to be a hot check who is into Spider-Man.

There’s also a brief subplot where Spider-Man loses his spider-sense and Mr. Fantastic helps him get it back. 

Also: A water tower smash fight. These were a 1980s staple, and this is the first one I remember seeing in a Marvel comic as I am doing this chronological read-through. If I missed any, please tell me–but I’m starting to tag them now. I’m not going tag every time we see one, just when they factor into a story prominently.

But finally, the absolute best reason to love this story is watching Peter Parker do his laundry in his tub.


Another reason 1980s comics were really good: Heroes were real people.

Oh, and also: He SUCKS at doing laundry.


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