X-Force #124 (2002)

Wow.  Guest art by no less than Darwyn Cooke!  I mean, anybody who complained about Mike Allred’s work on this series is a fool but if you’re going to have a fill-in you really can’t do better than Cooke!

U-Go Girl’s teleportation powers go a little nutty and end up dropping the team in the middle of the ocean, so the team threatens to kick her out.  Edie decides the problem is that she and Guy need to bang.


And so the title of this issue, “Edie And Guy Finally Do It.”  Sex doesn’t restore control for her, though—rather, she gets it back through the wonders of pharmaceutical intervention prescribed by the team owner.

There’s the usual (dark) humor, but the story also has a level of emotional “truth” and resonance that has become standard fare in this stellar comic.  We learn that Edie’s teleportation abilities first manifested when she gave birth to a daughter at a young age and wanted to abandon her—and so she suddenly teleported away, leaving the girl to be raised by Edie’s parents.

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