INCREDIBLE HULK #468-474 (1998-1999): Joe Casey run; series ends

Betty Ross died in Peter David’s last issue. Joe Casey now gets a short run with Javier Pulido in which Bruce Banner investigates the truth behind his wife’s murder–and uncovers a big conspiracy.

Banner had been led to believe that his own Gamma Radiation poisoned his wife, but it turns out to be untrue. He’s then coerced by various people who promise to trade him information about Betty Ross’ death in exchange for his help in various things.

An arms dealer gets him to fix Super Adaptoid. Ringmaster gets him to join the Circus of Crime. Aliens kidnap him.

Meanwhile, General Ross continues to hunt Hulk but ultimately relents because he knows Hulk did not kill Betty.

We don’t learn the truth of her death–but we do get the final issue of this series with #474. It ends with General Ross having Betty’s body in stasis in a secret tomb, deciding to love Banner as his son-in-law.

This final run has some fun in it–Hulk in the circus, e.g.–but as for character arcs, it is much more about General Ross than Hulk. It ends with a cover paying tribute to the cover to #1.

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