ALPHA FLIGHT #64-66 (1988): Mantlo run ends

Remember how Walter Langkowski lost his body then got a body back only it was female?  Well, now his wife is claiming his estate because he’s “dead.”  The judge finds this all a little hard to believe.

There’s some stuff with the newest “member,” Jade Dragon, and a new team of operatives called “China Force.”  They’re kinda hinted at and then make their big debut in issue #66.

The whole thing is also a set up for the villain Dream Queen to return.

Bill Mantlo leaves with these issues, thank God.  This is a truly awful comic that is painful to read.

There’s an attempt at 4th wall breaking, but it’s just not written well.

Bill Mantlo appears as the “God”-like creator of comic books, there’s a bunch of meta jokes, but then in the end it turns out it was all Dream Queen.  So it wasn’t actually a 4th wall break.  But it kinda was.

I’d say “good try” because in 1988 this was a novel idea (pre-Deadpool, pre-Grant Morrison’s Animal Man, etc.).  But it’s so badly done and the “dream” thing is a cop-out.

Artist Jim Lee leaves with #64, replaced by Hugh Haynes. Yet another reason not read this book. Bill Mantlo also leaves, after #66, which might be a reason to START reading this book, but trust me, it is NOT. James Hudnall is no better.

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