AVENGERS #298 (1988): Jarvis solo story

Marvel tries to make us believe the Avengers are really broken up by having Jarvis move out of the abandoned mansion and move in with his … Mommy!

On an outing, Peter Parker helps save him from some falling bricks.

Jarvis doesn’t know he’s Spider-Man. Perhaps that’s the inspiration for Jarvis to start helping people, which is what happens in this issue.

Then Inferno happens.

The Captain meets up with Jarvis, who is helping civilians navigate the horror of the event.

The only Avenger that appears is The Captain, who comes in to save the day (in a trenchcoat disguise) from the killer carbot.  Jarvis then appeals to him to re-form The Avengers.

He also has some strange adventures fighting a NY City phonebooth.  Seriously.  You have to read it–it’s good.  As a result of Inferno, a bunch of Transformer-like machines terrorize NY, and without The Avengers, Jarvis has to step in.

It is very cool that the Inferno tie-in stars Jarvis.

In the end, Jarvis is worried his new gal Glory was so impressed by Cap that she won’t be into Jarvis anymore.  And she says something sweet…


I appreciate Walt Simonson introducing a love interest for Alfred. Sadly, it doesn’t go anywhere.

This is one of the top 5 Walt Simonson comics of all time.

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