NOVA #13-16 (1994-1995): Deathstorm; Nova 0:0 dies

Last issue, Nova got captured by The Inhumans after he and Nova 0:0 got into a reckless fight that was wrecking the Blue Area of the Moon. This situation appears to be leading to a big trial (and a possible death penalty even!), but then it just gets resolved by Black Bolt telling everyone to cut it out.

Then, a quick check-in with Nick Fury who yells a lot, and sends Nova and a couple New Warriors on a short mission.

Then, we turn to the Shadow Consortium that has been causing trouble for Nova, and ultimately we learn that they are being backed by an race of world-conquering aliens called the Aakon who have a hard-on for Nova. The Aakon, it turns out, are the creators of Deathstorm.

These subplots are not all that interesting and take up a lot of space. The Inhumans storyn could have been a really good courtroom type drama, but they rushed through it.

Now, we’ve been hearing about this Deathstorm for most of this Nova series. The “countdown” covers issues #13-15. And then the whole thing gets resolved in #16. Turns out, it’s a storm that affects alternate realities. It, and the other evil aliens (some Dire Wraiths and Aakons) end up killing a couple Novas (Novae?) from those realities–including Nova 0:0.

An event with a year of buildup and three countdown issues is resolved fairly quickly.

This book is rushing towards cancellation. These are creator (writer/artist) Chris Marrinan’s final issues, then a new team comes on to end the book at #18.

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