Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection (1993)

This miniseries builds on the events of Silver Surfer: Homecoming, where Norrin Radd got temporarily reunited with Shalla Bal. It appeared at the end of that comic that Shalla Bal would remain solely in a psychic plane forever. In this series, Surfer (with Pip and Warlock) tries to bring her back to the physical realm of existence.

He starts with Death, because Shalla Bal’s physical body is deceased.

But it turns out that Mephisto still owns her soul.

I love that sequence.

And so the gang goes to talk with Mephisto.

Mephisto is awesome in this comic.

Mephisto tells Surfer to beg for the soul of his beloved.

The cavalry arrives to help. More fights.

Surfer gets close to getting the Shalla crystal.

But Mephisto is all-powerful in his own realm.

Mephisto is an evil dude.

The whole comics is this kind of thing. And it’s fantastic. It is never a bad thing when Jim Starlin writes/draws about Silver Surfer.

Sadly, the ending doesn’t make much sense. Warlock and Surfer win and Shalla Bal is resurrected. But as soon as she is, she says she has duties on Zenn La and Surfer has duties as a “galactic hero,” so they have to separate.

I don’t get it. Even if Silver Surfer has to travel for work, can’t he see her between crises? This would have been a solid “A” comic if the ending made more sense.

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