TOMB OF DRACULA #1-4 (1991-1992)

In 1991, Marvel used its “Epic” line to reboot the best horror series of the 1970s. The original creators, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, were responsible for it–but it didn’t go well.

It picks up the stories of all the key characters from Tomb of Dracula, showing how each of them is still haunted by the memories of their days fighting the king of vampires. Several cast members are still tied to him, occult groups are trying to revive vampires, etc. etc. It’s everything you’d expect. It seems to ignore the fact that we had a Tomb of Dracula Magazine that followed the series, in which Drac was resurrected. Or I guess he died again when Dr. Strange killed him. I don’t know. It’s really hard to keep track of how many times he “lives again.”

Blade’s in the story looking cooler and more badass.

Dracula is almost silly.

And for reasons really not worth getting into, Drac explodes at the end.

Several of the new characters, like Marlene McKenna (Frank Drake’s new wife) will be used in the upcoming (and pretty bad) Nightstalkers series, so I guess this was intended as part of the supernatural relaunch that happened in the early ’90s when Ghost Rider became hugely popular.

This book is in no way up to the high standards set by this same creative team in the 1970s. It’s not even close.

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