Avengers West Coast #89-91 (1992-1993): 1st Alkhema

Bobbie is rethinking divorcing Clint.


Hawkeye is such a jerk. Why do Avengers women have so much trouble hooking up with good guys?

For the main story, it’s Ultron.  Again. And speaking of love, he wants to create another bride. Why is that so many Ultron stories are the same?  There’s an(other) Ultron head, it gets near an open electronic network (again), and Ultron comes back to life.

He steals admantium to make a chick.  And wants to pattern her on Mockingbird.

As usual, Hank is fairly useless.

I mean, why not? We started this post noting how codependent she is, willing to overlook all kinds of overmasculine, insensitive behavior. Seems like the perfect gal for a megalomaniacal robot whose brain is patterned after the insensitive, wife-beating Hank Pym.

Ultron also makes Spider-Woman kiss Wonder Man.


When humans build a bride, it’s called a “toy.” Ultron does the same thing…

Alkhema’s face looks vaguely like Jocasta’s face.

The Avengers fight them.

It ends with Ultron and Wartoy being launched into space. But of course they’ll be back.

I guess one difference between this story and the other Ultron stories is that he’s never thrown Scarlet Witch into a pool before.

By the end of this story, Mockingbird does in fact decide against divorcing Hawkeye.

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