DAREDEVIL #186 (1982)

Another amazing issue.  One of the great things Miller did with Daredevil was creating a wide supporting underworld cast.  In this issue, we see DD’s old enemy, Stilt-Man, lose a glove during a heist, so, of course, he goes to a local costume shop.  Melvin Potter, the former villain Gladiator, has been trying to go straight by owning his own store, and that happens to be the one Stilt Man comes into.

Turk, an inept small-time hood who appeared throughout Miller’s run (and beyond) is hanging out at the store and mugs Stilt-Man, taking his gear and offering his service to Kingpin…


You’d think he’d have learned from when he stole Mauler’s armor that this wouldn’t work out for him.

Wilbur Day, who designed the armor, goes to the cops–and we get a cute Batman reference.

From there, Turk tries to prove he’s not stupid, but all DD has to do to defeat him is remove a piece from his pack that controls the balance on the stilt costume, and Turk literally falls flat on his face.

Stilt Man may be lame, but comics about Stilt Man tend to be good.

Miller also continues to develop a story of Daredevil losing control over his heightened senses, where they suddenly and without warning start to go out of control.

Also, Miller is developing Matt Murdock as a heartless bastard.  He’s taking apart his girlfriend Heather Glenn’s company to make her totally dependent on him.

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