GHOST RIDER #83-87 (1997)

Brother Voodoo is apparently a partner with Lilith (Dracula’s daughter) now, and they’re investigating zombie-related happenings that, unbeknownst to them, involve Danny Ketch’s dead sister.

The reanimator of her body is Scarecrow. If you didn’t know he had that power, don’t worry. Blackheart is behind it all.

Scarecrow then possesses Danny Ketch, and beats up Johnny Blaze.

I really don’t like the cartoonish art. I know everyone is doing it at this time, but it’s just not good.

Trapped in a void while dispossessed of their shared body, Ketch and Ghost Rider team up to try to escape. Voodoo and Lilith, and John Blaze, all join the scene and at its culmination, Danny Ketch’s mother sees him transform from Ghost Rider into her son.

It drives her insane. Literally.

Meanwhile, Scarecrow goes back to hell, where he’s tortured by Blackheart. And there’s a cameo by Damage Control, who spot Ghost Rider while trying to clean up after the above happenings.

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